Recently there have been a lot of questions asked about the Ministry of Health’s management of the adult cochlear implant waiting lists. It is obvious that these lists are now out of control. In researching this matter a number of interesting questions arise.

  1. The MoH committed “…to reduce the maximum waiting list time to two years by 1 June 2014.” (Health report number: 20140282). Was this achieved?
  2. Significant funding was approved and appropriated for this objective and other objectives in this policy paper (Health report number: 20140282). Is the MoH confident this funding has been spent appropriately?
  3. The MoH committed to “…review the operation of the revised cochlear implant programme and will report to the Minister of Health the findings by 30 March 2016.” (Health report number: 20140282). Was this review done and report provided to the Minister?
  4. Is the MoH sure the spending on the cochlear implant programme is compliant with  section 4 of the Public Finance Act 1989?
  5. Has the MoH worked “…closely with the two Charitable Trusts to improve procurement practices regarding cochlear implants and external processors.” (Health report number: 20140282)?
  6. Can the MoH show that the two Charitable Trusts are getting the best value for the cochlear implant systems they are currently purchasing?

These are all YES:NO questions. Very simple questions. Questions Minister Coleman should be asking the Ministry of Health with a view to holding officials future employment status directly related to the truthfulness of their answers.

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