Hi, I’m Nathan and I’m a 28 year old profoundly deaf guy. I’ve been deaf since age 2 from meningitis, and received a cochlear implant in NZ at the age of 21. I’ve recently graduated with a clinical research MSc in the field of hearing loss and hearing science, and intend to go on to train as a clinical audiologist (a further two years of study). However, right now in 2016, I’m aiming to volunteer (confirmed 22nd Feb 2016) to help out in Nepal, with hearing impairment via Ear Aid Nepal. This is a givealittle page towards helping fund-raise for this project. Anything you can contribute would be used towards travel costs (im paying half) as well as purchasing ear equipment, moulds, and batteries to take for the Ear Aid Nepal project. Any left over funds will be donated directly to Ear Aid Nepal.


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