The 2ears2hear team has been continuing to press the New Zealand Government to move on the funding of two cochlear implants for kiwi kids.

In our last correspondence with Minister Ryall he provided a commitment to start the review of this issue within 6 months.

In December we wrote again seeking an update. This is his reply:

Minister reply - Jan 2014

We now have a commitment to report back on the Ministry’s review of this matter in March. While this is a subtle change, it is significant. We are encouraged by the increasingly positive approach to this issue by both the Ministry and the Minister.

The 2ears2hear team are continuing to engage with Ministry officials and are looking forward to presenting verbally our submission to the Health Select Committee. Once we have presented the verbal submission to the select committee we intend to seek each political party’s position on this funding. With the run up to the election starting, we believe it is important that New Zealand voters know which parties support providing proper hearing for kiwi kids – and which do not.

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