UPDATE: The presentation is now 12:30pm.

This Thursday (12noon 7th November) we are presenting the 2ears2hear petition to Mojo Mathers, who will then present it to Parliament.

Firstly, thank you again to all who gathered signatures and who signed the petition. We hope we can convey the importance of this issue to the MPs who will be there.

Secondly, we have a bit of a plan.

  1. We will be aiming to meet on the main steps at 11.45am 12.10pm
  2. We would encourage you to bring your friends, workmates, etc. The more the merrier. So please use your contacts and social media to invite people along.
  3. It would be great to have a few visual reminders. So if you want to print A4 pictures of your kids with CIs or some of the posters linked below, please do so.
  4. It would be really great if you have the opportunity to take a photo or video at the presentation, to do so. You can post these onto the 2ears2hear Facebook page. The more pics/videos the better.

It would be great to see you there. If the weather is bad, we will post on the Facebook an alternative location on Thursday morning.

Thank you again for all your support

The 2ears2hear Team


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