In September we wrote to Minister Tony Ryall asking for “…assurance that a review of the policies around cochlear implantation and the ongoing support, its funding and eligibility will be reviewed this budgetary year.”

Today the Minister has replied.



It is pleasing to see that the Minister has committed to start reviewing the work around bilateral cochlear implants within 6 months. We appreciate his interest in this issue.

We continue to be concerned that every two weeks another child is added to the list of children who will need to go through a second operation and a second lot of therapy. Six months represents:

  • 13 babies who will need to unnecessarily go through a second general anaesthetic, surgery and recovery
  • 13 families put through the stress of seeing their child operated on twice
  • 13 parents who will have to take time out of their already busy schedules to invest in therapy for a second cochlear implant which would have been done at the same time as the first

The 2ears2hear team will continue to make representations to the Minister and Ministry to ensure that all involved in this work realise the cost of the time this decision is taking.

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