Scientists and Researchers tend to be reticent in their language when writing academic papers. They tend to couch or just state a finding. Adverbs are not common in such papers.

However this June 2012 paper on Cochlear Implants doesn’t hold back.

Bilateral electrical stimulation is far superior to monaural stimulation, and bilateral cochlear implants (BCIs) offer considerable advantages over monaural fittings.

Dr Kostas Kokkinakis from the University of Kansas, Dr Behnam Azimi from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Dr David R. Friedland from the Medical College of Wisconsin are quite clear that bilateral Cochlear Implants are better than a unilateral Cochlear Implant. And they are better by a large margin.

Our ongoing question at 2ears2hear is how much evidence and research is needed before New Zealand catches up with the rest of the world and provides two Cochlear Implants to the small number of kiwi children who need them?

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