Recently three families finished their fundraising for a second Cochlear Implant for their children.

The Collard family (see photo above) finished 8 months of fundraising with their final BBQ. The money raised provided their daughter Madeline with the opportunity to hear with two ears.

The Blundell family also completed their fundraising for a second Cochlear Implant for their daughter Addison.

Blundell Family

Addison was ‘missed’ through a failure of the New Born Hearing Screening programme. At the last minute the Hutt DHB provided bridging finance which allowed Addison to get both her implants in one operation. Since that time, the Blundell’s have been steadily fundraising to pay this off. The bridging finance was fantastic in that it saved around $15,000 in cost, removed the need for a second operation and removed the need to repeat therapy on the new ear.

The Hutchison family have completed their fundraising for Baby Elliot. Elliot has been using hearing aids but they just don’t cut it. They are all set to get two Cochlear Implants.

Elliot 3

Fundraising $34-36,000 is a huge effort by these families. The 2ears2hear team congratulates these families on their amazing effort. They have gone the extra mile to ensure their children have the very best opportunity to excel in life. Hearing will not be a limiting factor for these three young children.

2ears2hear continues to push for government funding for two Cochlear Implants. At last count, only 16% of New Zealand children with Cochlear Implants were fortunate enough to have two. The government funds glasses with two lenses for children with vision issues. The government funds two hearing aids if a child has a mild hearing loss. But if a child has a severe to profound hearing loss – the type of child who needs the most help – they only fund one Cochlear Implant. But according to officials, its not an issue of money.

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