This week should be an interesting week. The 2ears2hear team hope to hear back from the Ministry of Health on two action items that came out of our meeting with them in July.

The first action item was to modify the current statements on the Ministry of Health’s website regarding Cochlear Implants. The statements are in some places incomprehensible and in many places inaccurate, given current research and the statements by the Ministry of Health itself.

So we are hopeful that this section of their website will be updated to reflect the real situation around Cochlear Implant provision in New Zealand.

The second action was to endeavour to get the policy around funding of Cochlear Implants for children onto the annual policy work programme. Our understanding is that the Ministry of Health has both a proactive/planned policy work programme and a reactive policy work programme (which response to issues of significant public interest and profile).

The 2ears2hear team are committed to seeing the provision of two Cochlear Implants for children onto the Ministry’s policy work programme this year. Our preference is that it gets onto the planned programme.

When we hear news regarding these two action items, we will let our thousands of supporters know. Our hope is that New Zealand will catch up to the rest of the developed world in 2014 by providing proper and complete Cochlear Implant opportunities to the 40-50 children who need this.