At 2ears2hear, we want to communicate clearly and firmly to Minister Ryall that ONE EAR IS NOT ENOUGH. Children, particularly pre-lingual children, need auditory input from both ears to develop a sound base of language.

To do this WE NEED YOU!


We need 20 people to volunteer to collect 2 or more sheets of signatures each. Its simple. Print off a couple of these forms – Petition Manual Sheet – and get everyone you talk to over the next few days to sign. It will give you a great opportunity to raise awareness of the huge benefit that Cochlear Implants make in people’s lives.

If you want some some additional information, you can print the media page and/or these billboards (Billboard-3 and Billboard-5).

If you are able to help, please make a comment on the 2ears2hear facebook page or drop us an email via the Contact Us page.

When you have collected a heap of signatures, please Contact Us and we will let you know a postal address to send the sheets to.

The 2ears2hear team really appreciates your support 🙂