At 2ears2hear, we want to communicate clearly and firmly to Minister Ryall that ONE EAR IS NOT ENOUGH. Children, particularly pre-lingual children, need auditory input from both ears to develop a sound base of language.

There are three main arguments for this:

  1. Research is now conclusively demonstrating that children with two Cochlear Implants outperform their single implant peers. In fact they achieve on a par with their normal hearing peers.
  2. The cost of supporting a child with hearing loss is between $30-50,000 per year in New Zealand. Children with two Cochlear Implants catch their normal hearing peers more quickly and become support free sooner. At a purely economic level, its cheaper to fund two Cochlear Implants.
  3. If an implant fails, a child with two Cochlear Implants can still hear through one ear. This is infinitely better than plunging that child into a world of silence for at least a month (the time it takes to get it replaced). While failures are very rare, being an electronic device, they will happen.

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We, and the up to 46 children a year who receive a Cochlear Implant, would greatly appreciate your support.

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