2ears2hear has released a couple of images to highlight the foolishness of the New Zealand Ministry of Health’s policy of only funding one Cochlear Implant for children with severe to profound hearing loss.

We have previously set out the logical arguments for the funding of two Cochlear Implants for children.

The honest intellectual argument is clearly won. Now it is time to win the emotional and political arguments.

Over the coming months we will be creating a number of opportunities for families, Cochlear Implant users, friends, relatives and the general public to show their support for the very small number of children (less than 50 a year) who need to have 2ears2hear (Bilateral Cochlear Implants).

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The first opportunities is to pick up one of these images and facebook and twitter it around your friends and family. Get the word out there that the current ‘one Cochlear Implant policy’ is simply not good enough.

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Or if you feel inclined, post them to your local Member of Parliament’s Facebook. Or post them to the Minister of Health’s Facebook. Let them know there are people in New Zealand who care about giving our nation’s children a really good crack at life.

The longer New Zealand’s Ministry of Health drag their heels on adequately funding bilateral Cochlear Implants, the fewer opportunities these children will have to achieve their full potential. Let’s encourage them to ‘rattle their dags’ and scrap together the million dollars (loose change really) to sort this out.

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