This website is built using WordPress. WordPress provides a suite of analytical tools so you can see statistical information on who is looking at the site. The map above shows which country people are viewing from.

Obviously being a New Zealand site, most viewers are from NZ. Australia, North America and the UK follow. In fact most viewers come from western countries. This makes sense as Cochlear Implants are relatively expensive.

What is also interesting are the big holes in the map. Africa, China, the Middle East and Central America are noticeable by their absence. It would be reasonable to assume that the numbers of Cochlear Implants in these areas are very small (in percentage terms). This will change in China in the near future following their signing of an enormous deal with Cochlear.

When we compare NZ’s Cochlear Implant services to the countries where there is high search interest, there is one glaring difference – funding of bilateral Cochlear Implants for children. Bilateral Cochlear Implants for children are the norm in Australia, North America and the UK. Most western European countries had moved to this standard or were in the process of moving to it (in some of these countries this move has been delayed because of the Global Financial Crisis). We are now quite out of step with our equivalent countries.

In support and therapy we fare better. Our provisioning of therapy is moving in the right direction. This is probably driven by the introduction of the New Born Hearing Screening Programme which really necessitates early implantation and therapy provision. However like many of our comparable countries, we lack the numbers of AVT trained and qualified therapists. We also lack a parent directed model even though we are placing more and more expectations on parents. Australia and now the UK lead in empowering parents to direct the therapy provisioning decisions.