Vann William Cleaver was diagnosed as profoundly deaf in Starship Hospital at only 5 weeks old. Vann has just received the best gift we could hope for, a cochlear implant to give him sound….

We are now fundraising to give Vann a second cochlear implant which is going to cost $50,000.

Vann was born with multiple health issues and disabilities. As well as profoundly deaf, Vann is sight impaired, has a hole in his heart, enlarged kidneys, low muscle tone, no use of his whole large bowel due to hirschsprung’s disease and development delay. Despite all that Vann has going on, he is an amazing little boy who has huge amounts of love to give and is very happy. He has taught us so much already and is a real little gift to our family.

Vann spent the first two months of his life in Waikato Newborn Intensive Care, Starship Hospital and Taranaki Neo-natal undergoing operations and tests and although now at home his weeks are filled with constant early intervention therapy and health appointments.

With all Vann’s health issues we as a family feel if we make just one of his struggles less then we will by giving him two cochlear implants so he can have two hearing ears like the rest of us.

So thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for helping us give our baby the best quality of life that he can have.

​Love The Cleavers xxx



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